The RSVP of Monroe, Wapello, and Jefferson Counties is a volunteer program for individuals aged 55 and older. RSVP connects you with meaningful volunteer experiences that fit your schedule and match your skills. As an RSVP volunteer, you will aid the United Way of Wapello County in advancing the common good through improvements to our communities’ Education, Income, and Health. RSVP volunteers serve in a variety of ways and always lead with experience. 

Who can volunteer?

Any persons aged 55 and older who work/live in or around Monroe, Wapello, and Jefferson counties are eligible to serve as an RSVP volunteer.

Why should I volunteer with RVSP?

As an RSVP volunteer, you have a unique opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your local community
  • Choose how much time you want give
  • Choose where you want to volunteer
  • Be recognized for your service
  • Gain access to a thriving volunteer network
  • Volunteer under an insured organization
  • Develop new  community connections and friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Utilize and maintain your current talents and skills
  • Improve your health
  • Enjoy a personalized volunteer experience



How do I become an RSVP volunteer?

1) Contact RSVP for an application or complete an application here.

2) Return your completed and signed application to the RSVP office, or via email at

3) If you are already volunteering at a volunteer station, we will alert that station that you have joined RSVP.

4) If you are entering a new position, we will review your application and contact you to discuss your interests, skills, and availability.  

5) Once we have identified a potential volunteer placement(s) for you, we will arrange introductions with the volunteer station.

6) Lead with experience and begin volunteering.

How did RSVP begin?

The national RSVP program began in 1971.  Over 300,000 RSVP volunteers currently serve around the country providing invaluable service to their local communities. Nationally, RSVP is funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).  The United Way of Wapello County sponsors RSVP of Monroe, Wapello, and Jefferson Counties with funding from CNCS and the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service.


Contact Us

Peggy Fisher
RSVP Director

United Way of Wapello County
224 E. Second St., Suite 1
P.O. Box 1778
Ottumwa, IA 52501

641-682-6199 fax