Campaign Coordinator Toolkit

All You Need to Run a Great Campaign!

Thank you for volunteering to be a part of the annual United Way Campaign. By giving your time, talent, and spreading the word, you are helping to advance the common good. Together, united, we can inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow.

Click on the links below to download all the campaign materials you need to run and promote a successful campaign. All materials listed below can be reproduced for your organization’s needs. Preprinted items such as brochures, posters, pledge forms, etc. can also be ordered from United Way for use in your campaign.

Email Desiree Johnson, or call 641.682.1264641.682.1264 for more information or with questions about running a United Way of Wapello County campaign.

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Getting Started

Steps to Success

Supporting Documents

Promotional Materials

Please Note:  Click on underlined links below to download a PDF file, Word document, Movie, or to link to other sections of our website.  The documents provided in PDF format require Adobe® Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing. Material not underlined will be coming soon.


Getting Started



Provides an overview of workplace campaigns, United Way's impact in our community, and volunteer opportunities for you to get involved.

United Way Impact

About United Way
Company Campaign Coordinator Guide




Volunteer Opportunities
Tips for Volunteering
Benefits of Volunteering


Steps to Success



Gives you tools to carry out your workplace campaign. Check out the interactive games you or United Way Staff can play to build awareness and excitement. Email Desiree Johnson or call 641.682.1264641.682.1264 for answers to the games.

General Tools
Campaign Best Practice Checklist
CEO Best Practices
Making It Work- Steps to Run your Campaign
Campaign Agendas for Training & Kick-Off
Campaign Incentives That Work



Activities & Games

Jeans Day Stickers(print off on full sheet label)


Supporting Documents



Templates & Tools

Personal letters from top-level management to employees are a great way to communicate your company's support of United Way. These sample messages can be customized to come from your CEO, or a Campaign Leader or Coordinator. Also, if you need additional pledge, you can download them here.

Company Campaign Report Envelope

Corporate Contribution Form

Special Event Report Envelope
Donor Directed Contribution Program Form
Campaign Kickoff Letter
CEO Endorsement
CEO Thank you Letter
ECC by Department for Location Letter
ECC Mid Campaign Message
ECC New Employee Letter
ECC Non Contributors Letter
ECC Post Campaign Congratulations Message
ECC Potential Leadership Letter
ECC Previous Donor Letter
ECC Previous Leadership Letter
ECC Retiree Letter
Union Letter


Promotional Materials



Take advantage of these engaging pieces you can use to promote your campaign. Visit United Way Online to purchase branded giveaways. Contact your United Way of Wapello County to order preprinted posters and brochures, or you can download them here for reproduction.





Loyal Contributor Program

Loyal Contributor Program

      * Loyal Contibutor Program Guide for ECC
      * Loyal Contributer Sign Up Form

      * Loyal Contributor Poster (small)

Banner Ads

Show your United Way support by including a banner ad on your website. More sizes are available, please email Desiree Johnson or call 641.682.1264641.682.1264 with any technical questions or size requests.




Vertical Logo
Usage Guidelines

For other logo options please email Desiree Johnson, or call 641.682.1264641.682.1264.



Videos & PSA

Underneath everything we are, underneath everything we do, we are all people. Connected. Interdependent. United.  And when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. That's what it means to LIVE UNITED.

United Way is working on producing a local video.

Videos are an effective way to illustrate the work that United Way does to advance the common good in each community.  They also show employees the breadth of opportunities to get involved by highlighting short stories about how others LIVE UNITED to better their communities.

National Videos

United Way Historical Video
United Way Thank you Video
Can a t-shirt change the world? Video