Volunteer Center

Welcome to the Volunteer Center
The Volunteer Center was established in March 2012 with a grant from the Volunteer Generations Fund. The addition of the Volunteer Center to United Way of Wapello County supports our ongoing commitment to volunteering as a way to make lasting community change.
The core functions of a Volunteer Center are to mobilize volunteers, encourage volunteering, connect community members to volunteer opportunities, and to provide organizations with training and support for effective volunteer management.
Our Volunteer Center mobilizes volunteers and encourages volunteering by speaking to interested groups about the benefits of volunteering. We also organize volunteer opportunities for days of service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Day of Caring, and the 9/11 Day of Service.
We connect community members to volunteer opportunities online with our Get Connected page. This service allows users to browse volunteer opportunities currently available in our community, search by area of interest, and sign up to receive updates with new opportunities.